The Yonex Stringing Team is a global network of stringers rich with knowledge and proven skills. Larisa Sam became part of the 700 strong stringing family back in 2014. It is the only team in the world to service global tournaments and Larisa got to experience that when making her appearance at the All England in 2016 and becoming the first female Yonex stringer to string at such a high profile event. Larisa will feature again with the stringing team at the 2018 All England.

Having trained under the king of stringers Mark Laurence, we at Yonex Ireland aim to provide you with the best performance possible alongside exceptional service, the team strives to tirelessly sharpen its expertise and techniques.

By manufacturing their own strings in their own factories, Yonex are able to ensure a consistent high quality across their entire range of scientifically engineered strings. As a result, you will never have to worry about tension, durability and feel.

Selecting The Right Badminton String: The matrix below is designed to help you select the string that best matches your playing style on court:

Selecting the right Tennis String: The matrices below is designed to help you select the string that best maches your playing style on court: